is an Organization of International Electronic and Digital Sports Federations

Established – November 26, 2018

Arniel Gutierrez
Founder and President Esports World Federation and
Founder Meta Movement

Who we are

The ESWF is the governing body of all MetaSports in the MetaGames.

Why athletes participate

  • To be officially ranked as a global athlete in MetaSports
  • To obtain direct opportunities for development and careers
  • To participate in safe, secure, and valid competitions
  • To be part of a network that focuses on the future of MetaSports


  • Multicultural Sports
  • Electronic Sports
  • Traditional Sports
  • Active Sports/ Virtual Sports/ Digital Sports

What we do

  • We host the MetaGames every two years
  • We host the Esports World Cup every two years
  • We connect and protect athletes, streamers, and supporters
  • We run the Metamovement

Four Pillars of the MetaMovement

  1. Digitalization of Traditional Sports
  2. Esports Genres Federations
  3. The Esports for All Movement
  4. The ESWF Member Nations

5 Elements of Meta Movement

  1. Earth 🌎 – Multicultural Sports, Indigenous Sports
  2. Water – Modern-day Traditional Sports
  3. Air – MetaSports
  4. Fire – Active sports, virtual Sports, or Digital Sports
  5. Space – Esports or Electronic Sports or cyber Sports

ESWF General Assembly – Digital Gems

Green – Emerald Digital Gemstone Multicultural Sports, Indigenous Sports

Blue – Sapphire Digital Gemstone

Esports, Electronic Sports or Cyber Sports

Yellow -Citrine Digital Gemstone

Traditional Sports

Red- Ruby Digital Gemstone

Active sports, Digital Sports or Virtual Sports

White – Digital Pearl ESWF Member Nations

Digitalization of Traditional Sports

The digital gaming medium of traditional sports. These federations will showcase the newest DSports innovations and will be responsible for taking athletes and coaches to new levels.

Digital Sports

  • International Digital Invasion Sports Confederation
  • World Digital Gamefowl Boxing
  • World Digital Combat Sports
  • International Digital Motorsport Federation
  • International Digital Cycling Sports
  • International Digital Boating and Boad Sports
  • International Digital Aquatic Sports
  • International Digital Digital Athletic Sports
  • International Digital Net, Wall and Racket Sports
  • International Digital Gymnatic Sports
  • International Digital Outdoor Pursuits
  • International Digital Target Sports
  • International Digital Field and Strikes
  • International Digital Weightlifting
  • International Digital Mind Sports
  • International Digital Slots Games
  • International Digital Table Games
  • International Digital Multi Sports

Esports Genre Federations

With so many games and so many rules, these global federations are the Experts in each genre. They will lead the way by fostering FairPlay and Safe gaming for the athletes.

World Federation of Esports

  • First Person Shooter
  • Fighting Games
  • Real-time Strategy

International Federation of Esports

  • International Federation of Esports Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
  • International Federation of Esports Battle Royale
  • International Federation of Esports Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games
  • International Federation of Esports Puzzle and Mind Games
  • International Federation of Esports Rhythm Games
  • International Federation of Esports Sandbox and Survival

Esports for All Movement

Advocate gaming INCLUSION and create OPPORTUNITIES in the esports ecosystem by CONNECTING the producers with the consumers

Our Team…

ESWF Member Nations

All new member countries must follow our branding guidelines.

Current Status

An organization directly affiliated and established by the GAWSF to demonstrate its commitment to the ESWF’s MetaMovement.