is a prefix meaning Beyond.

The MetaMovement embraces all gaming genres and all digitalized traditional sports as “MetaSports”.

International Sport Network Organization (ISNO)

International Sport Network Organization (ISNO) is a non profit organization based in Switzerland aiming to assist its members around the world.

The categories of the members are:

  • International Member
  • Continental Member
  • National Member
  • Club / Local Member

General Association of World Sports Federations (GAWSF)

The General Association of World Sports Federations (GAWSF) is a non-profit international sports organisation that serves as an umbrella organisation for numerous international, continental, and national sports federations and organisations. It was incorporated on November 20, 2014, in Macau as an international organisation with legal personality and received approval from SportAccord to use the name SportAccord Asia-Pacific Headquarters. In 2018, the organisation changed its name to the General Association of Asia Pacific Sports Federations (GAAPSF), and on April 20, 2023, it changed its name once again to GAWSF. Currently, GAWSF has more than 360 international, continental, and national member federations and has signed cooperation agreements with several international organisations that are now partners of GAWSF. The organisation has established representative offices in China, Hungary, Italy, Kuwait, Thailand, Philippines, Laos, Hong Kong, and Macau, and its activities cover the world, including sports games, competitions, trainings, forums, and more. The primary aim of GAWSF is to promote and develop sports and sports activities on a global scale.


IDGC is the digital gaming medium of traditional sports. The authority responsible for organizing the different Digitus Games. committed to develop, promote and regulate all worldwide initiatives in different forms and formats of digital sports.